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  1. I understand how you can determine the allowed values of l and ml, but when it is asking for a specific electron how do you know which of those values are associated with it?

    For example, the possible l values for a n value of 2 is 0,1. And that means the possible ml values are -1,0,1. But if they ask for a specific electron (like the 3rd electron in F) how do you know which of those possible values go with it?

    Thanks you any help you can give! I appreciate the time it takes to explain this!

    Answer by Raunak
    configuration of F: 1s2 2s2 2p5
    For 3rd electron
    n=2(it resides in the second shell)
    l=0(it resides in the s orbital)

  2. I need to know how l-glutathione is different from reduced glutathione or is it the same? Also I heard that the side effects of l-glutathione is akin whitening but it isn’t permanent or is it?

    Answer by blue24
    L-glutathione is “the reduced form of glutathione”. The reduced form of glutathione or L-glutathione is the kind of glutathione that has the side effect of skin whitening. The effects can be permanent, however you have to maintain your skin in good condition of-course. that would mean you have to stay clear from prolonged exposure to uv rays or sunlight, you have to drinks lots of water, and eat fruits and vegetables. If your considering whitening your skin however i suggest you first try Swiss l-glutathione bar. It’s a really good whitening soap that brings the effects of glutathione directly to your skin. visit their site here:


  3. There are 64 ways to arrange the letters R and L, or any two letters, in 6 letter combinations like:

    I need six more.
    Please help!

    Answer by ♥laughing&loving♥

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