When the Question of How to Get Rid of Herpes is Asked

Leroy Lang/ January 18, 2014/ Fraction/ 0 comments

Genital herpes on the penis © Australian Herpes Management ForumOne of the most common questions I have heard recently concerning sexually transmitted diseases is about how to get rid of herpes. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no cure that exists for this disease. It does not matter if you have genital herpes or just the common cold sore variety of the disease. The virus stays once you acquire it from exposure to someone who is infected. However, there actually is some good news concerning herpes that is better than getting some other forms of sexually transmitted diseases.

Herpes is really only a problem, as far as symptoms go, when there is an outbreak of sores. This is actually true regardless if it is genital herpes or just a simple cold sore. You do not notice it when there are no sores.

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