We Have Our Back-up Plan on the Right Track Now

Leroy Lang/ November 21, 2014/ Fraction/ 0 comments

I struggle with keeping our office organized, even though I have employees who I have hired to help me with the task. This is partially because they come to me to let me know we need to pay for certain things so that we can stay on task without any trouble, and then I waffle back and forth about whether I want to spend the money or not. We are a small company, but I do have a network administrator. He told me that I needed to do something about getting backup server service sooner, rather than later. As per usual, I told him I would think about it.

The very next week, he came to me to tell me he thought that a virus had infiltrated our network and he was not sure if he could save all of our data. But he promised he would do everything he could to try to rectify the situation. More than likely, one of our other employees had downloaded the virus, although each of them has been told they are to never download anything from the Internet for this very reason. But even if you think you have the best anti-virus software and it is kept updated often, employees can still ignore you and do something that can really affect your business. Especially if they accidentally download a brand new virus that your software is unable to catch.

We were lucky. My network admin was able to eradicate the virus and keep all of our data intact. But he reiterated that many other businesses are not so lucky, and we could have lost everything. You can bet that I gave him the go ahead to get backup service immediately. I now realize what is at stake, and he has us set up now so that if anything else happens we are now fully protected.

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