We Have Come So Far

Leroy Lang/ August 15, 2015/ Fraction/ 0 comments

With sites like http://www.cable-tv.com/cable-companies/ to help you find the specific services which you are looking for it makes you wonder if anyone even uses a phone book these days? That’s how much the Internet has changed our lives; so much information is now freely available to anyone who has access and has a need to find something. I can go to Google right now and propose to it any question that I might have and it will pull up an answer for me. This sort of power at our fingertips is something that our ancestors would have considered divine!

And yet here we are as Americans in a fight with the ISPs whoa re trying to do all that is in their power to diminish it. It’s an absurd notion to think that we have come so f ar only to have a collection of a few men and women trying to dictate control over such a powerful means. Sure, it is a threat to their business models in many ways but one should ask themselves why is it a threat? Is it because they have not done much to improve their own technology and thus more consumers are choosing alternatives?

If that’s the case why not make improvements? It seems so simple, really. There is a problem so fix it. The problem can only be fixed by addressing it and hiring the people that are necessary to do so. People with vision and a sense of what the consumers want. I’d love my cable even more than I already do if they let me create my own cable packages. I don’t watch everything that I have so it’s kind of a waste of money for me but I like what I do watch so much that I am willing to pay for other content.

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