My Neighbor Learns a Lesson in Just How Hard It is to Prune Trees

Leroy Lang/ April 5, 2016/ Fraction/ 0 comments

I watched my neighbor use an extension ladder trying to prune a tree in his front yard. It was a pretty big maple tree. It had beautiful fall foliage. He would cut one side, and then cut the other. He was not being safe with the ladder. He used a gas-powered chainsaw and had one of those manual pruning hooks. He went back and forth trying to even the tree out. He gave up and left the ladder leaning on the tree after he about ruined its look. A place that does tree pruning in Queens County, NY showed up at his house the next day. I saw them pull up while I was having a cup of coffee on the porch.

My neighbor saw me and came over after he talked to the tree pruning crew. They got right to work on that tree and the other one on the other side of the sidewalk leading up to his house. In no time they had them even and matching. They cleaned up all of the branches including what my neighbor had left on the ground in his frustration. As they moved to prune the trees in his back yard, he had a cup of coffee with me. He told me he tried to do it himself to save some money. He was always pinching pennies that ended up costing him more in the long run. I remember him driving almost 100 miles to save $10 off of a fishing pole. I usually never say anything. I just listen. After all, I have my issues the same as he has his.

He looked at me and told me how he goofed again trying to cut the trees on his own. I told him we all live and learn. I told him about my experience in terror of height trying to paint the windows on the second story from a ladder. I never did it again after that first time even though I was getting a little more used to the height. I’m glad he gave up. I like the trees in his yard. He would have ended up killing them all.

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