I Learned About a Product That is Helping My Neck in an Amusing Way

Leroy Lang/ December 7, 2015/ Fraction/ 0 comments

After hearing an acquaintance make some inside jokes to one of my friends about her Magic Wand attachment, I decided to wait and ask my friend in private what it was. The acquaintance does not know me very well, so I assumed that’s why she just wasn’t being more forthright about what she was talking about. So, I asked my friend later on when we were out of earshot. When I heard her answer, I had a fit of giggles. I learned that the attachment is something that a lot of people use for intimate moments, and I had no idea. I am the last to learn about these kinds of things. But she then said they are fantastic for pain in your back and neck as well.

I had previously bought some heat cream for problems that I have with my neck, and that worked a little. I wondered if I could buy this wand and see if it would help my neck any. I am not married and do not have the luxury of asking a spouse for a neck rub, so I thought it would be worth looking into. The pain I was having had been getting worse and worse, and the situation just felt desperate.

Online testimonials told me what I wanted to hear about using it as a massager. Everyone said that the subtle vibrations really work to release any tenseness that you have in your muscles. My problem stemmed from the way that I sit in my office chair all day. I had even found myself worried that if it continued, I would have a tough time sitting for very long at all, which would become an even bigger problem in my life. So, I ordered one, tried it out, and I found relief within minutes! I now use it every night after a long day of sitting at work.

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