Almost Thought I Ruined an Analytical Balance

Leroy Lang/ January 10, 2015/ Fraction/ 0 comments

Of course you probably do not know what that is, but it is a really good scale. In fact they keep this one covered with a glass or plexiglass cover. That is to keep the dust from gathering on it, it is sensitive enough that you have to think about stuff like that throwing it off. I was was messing with it and using the calibration test weights to make sure that it was working the right way. I picked it up to move it a couple of feet and then these two idiots started pushing one another. Of course I was not paying attention to them. I was paying attention to the delicate piece of lab equipment in my hands and not thinking that two buffoons were behind me acting like two buffoons. At any rate the one guy weighs every bit of two hundred and thirty pounds. He is the back up left tackle on the football team and a really big idiot beside that. When he bumped in to me I went down to the floor.

Of course I did not drop that thing, because I was afraid that I might have to pay for it. It was lucky for me that the professor saw what happened. He was not worried much about me and whether or not I had a boo boo either. Of course he does not want to tell his department head that he needs to replace an expensive lab instrument like that. For a couple of minutes I thought that it was messed up too, but the thing has a reset button on it and it has the means to recalibrate it if you lose the settings. So it was not that big of a deal if you knew how to zero it back in.

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